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Не все ищут братьев по разуму, половина ищет сестер по глупости...
Люк Эванс - гей?!!! :wow: :buh: :facepalm3: А я уж было хотела сказать: "Здравствуй, моя новая великая любовь!" Хотя, одно другому не мешает... :rolleyes:

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Не все ищут братьев по разуму, половина ищет сестер по глупости...
Меня. Сейчас. Стошнит! Не знаю, от чего больше: от громкого названия, или от "доказательств", что они собираются привести...:facepalm3::facepalm3::facepalm3:

HUNTED: THE WAR AGAINST GAYS IN RUSSIA (Oct.) is a shocking investigation of the growing climate of hostility in the wake of the Russian government’s anti-”gay propaganda” law that has led to an alarming increase in brutal attacks on gay men and women, who are often equated with pedophiles and accused of undermining religious and family values. The film exposes groups of citizens who viciously beat and torment innocent gay people and post the graphic videos online, with no legal repercussions. Directed by Ben Steele. [x]

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Не все ищут братьев по разуму, половина ищет сестер по глупости...
Да что б вы там своими делами занимались, а не лезли в Рашу! :facepalm3:

Matt Bomer talking about his new project: “I’m also going to narrate a documentary for HBO that’s about the abuse of gay people in Russia. That I’m very excited about” (х)

На хуй - это вон туда!

Бля, ну, бля, ну бля же!!! Опять о геях и про геев! :apstenu: Вот и Куинто уже будет играть гея... :hang: Я расстраиваюсь... :mad: Оно мне надо? :-/

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Не все ищут братьев по разуму, половина ищет сестер по глупости...
Ааааа, ёбаный пиздец!!! :weep3: :weep3: :weep3: Да что это за жизнь такая?!!! :-( Нормальные, блядь, мужики еще остались вообще на Земле?!!!

Wentworth Miller, former star of "Prison Break," has come out as gay, while protesting Russia's laws discriminating against gay people.

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Вот сижу сейчас и рыдаю в прямом смысле! И не знаю, от чего больше, что он гей или что не приедет на Санкт-Петербургский международный кинофестиваль... :weep2::weep2::weep2:

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Не все ищут братьев по разуму, половина ищет сестер по глупости...
Не то чтобы я не догадывалась, но бля... :-(

“Star Trek” actor Zachary Quinto has decided to publicly reveal he is gay in a new interview and on a personal blog post, both of which hit the web on Sunday. (с)

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How Hollywood Can Keep Gay Actors in the Closet: Contracts

Не все ищут братьев по разуму, половина ищет сестер по глупости...
So here's a cute little discussion about whether Hollywood studios can legally keep actors and actresses in the closet. And the very easy answer is: Yes, yes they can.

It's called a "morals clause," and most stars of television series and even some movies have them. Often, for heterosexual actors, this just means "No getting arrested for beating your wife," although you've got to wonder what Charlie Sheen's morals clause looks like then. For gay actors, however, maintaining a certain public image can be spelled out in legalese before, say, Matt Bomer signs on to star on USA's White Collar.

Leslie Gornstein writes at E!: "I talked to an array of people for this story, ranging from well-sourced gossip columnists to top-flight attorneys. And none of them flat-out denied that such contracts exist. In fact, at least one source tells me they do exist, but not necessarily in the explicit way you might think they do. From what I am able to gather, a contract between an agency and an actor may dodge the exact issue of 'coming out.' But it might ban other sorts of telltale activities."

While employers may not be able to wield such control over full-time employees, movie studios are considered independent contractors, and they could argue that portraying a hetero image is crucial to a successful business transaction. Studios can exclude white actors if the role calls for a black actor, and while public acknowledgment of one's sexuality takes place off screen, we'd love to see studio make the case that public perception is as equally important as what happens in front of the camera. (с)

Любительский перевод

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